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Alimony Attorney Miami

Alimony Attorney — One of the common areas of dispute in a divorce is whether one ex-spouse will pay the other spousal support — still called alimony — and, if so, how much and for how long. Whether you believe you should receive spousal support/alimony or foresee the need to protect yourself against an unjust outcome, contact our alimony attorney for experienced legal counsel.

Our legal team, led in the family law arena by attorneys Catherine M. Rodriguez and David F. Filler, is an established resource for protection of your financial interests in a South Florida divorce. We are well prepared to handle high-asset divorces, seeking efficient, amicable resolution through negotiation or mediation whenever possible — but also willing and able to fight for you at trial.

Defending Your Rights and Your Financial Future

Unlike orders for child support, Florida spousal support/alimony orders are not determined according to firmly established guidelines or formulas. Positioning for a favorable outcome may require thorough examination of many factors subject to court consideration, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Income, education and work experience of both divorcing spouses
  • Each party’s age and health
  • Events and decisions in the marital history — such as one spouse working while the other pursued higher education, or either spouse focusing on full-time child care

alimony attorney miamiGetting the spousal support you need to maintain your lifestyle and move forward — or avoiding or limiting your obligation to pay spousal support — may require extensive research and case-building. At Filler Rodriguez, LLP, you can depend on receiving a seasoned lawyer’s dedicated attention to your unique situation and goals.

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From resolving temporary alimony spousal support to reaching an equitable long-term or permanent solution as part of your overall divorce settlement, we are prepared to advocate assertively in your interests. Our financially savvy lawyers also handle petitions for modifications of spousal support and other orders when your circumstances change in the years after divorce.

If alimony spousal support may be an issue in your pending divorce, please contact our alimony attorney today to arrange an informative consultation.