Custody Support Modifications

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When either party’s circumstances change substantially in the years after divorce, it can become necessary to seek a modification of the orders in your Florida divorce decree including orders relating to child custody support. Such changes can have a wide range of causes, including a job loss or change, other major financial setbacks, or the evolving needs of your children.

Child Custody SupportOur attorneys can readily assess your custody support issues and provide dependable guidance on your likelihood of success in seeking a modification of: child custody support spousal support or parenting time. We engage closely with each of our clients, provide honest counsel, and work hard to obtain favorable results by the most efficient legal means.

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Taking Prompt, Determined Legal Action When Circumstances Change relating to child custody support issues

We work with many hardworking, successful men and women who have been victimized by economic adversity beyond their control. Orders for child support and spousal support are binding and enforceable until they are modified — and the longer you wait, the more you will owe. On the other hand, if a parent is paying far less than required based upon an continued and expected increase in income this could constitute a substantial change in circumstances requiring an increase of custody support depending on the circumstances.

Seeking Modifications of Custody Support, and Parenting Orders

At our established South Florida law firm, we have the financial and business knowledge to understand and thoroughly document your need for post-divorce modification of: child custody support or spousal support/alimony.

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