Child Support Enforcement Violations

Child Support Enforcement Violations
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Child Support Enforcement Violations – Miami, Florida

Child support obligations

In Florida, child support is usually determined by a state law formula. Several other factors weigh into the determination or change in child support:

  • Income or imputed income of each parent
  • The amount of time that a child spends with each parent
  • Extraordinary medical costs of either parent or child
  • Loss of income, i.e. an employment layoff or a new medical disability
  • Special needs, education of a challenged or disabled child
  • Insurance premium costs or expiration of COBRA benefits
  • A change in custody arrangement or support obligations

You have legal rights and protections, which need to be addressed when child support amounts are set. The many variables such as payment of health insurance premiums, payment of private tutoring, schooling or needed counseling for your child can be important in determining the child support obligations. Additionally, it is important to consider tax benefits and penalties for different child support options.

Child Support Enforcement or Violations

The Florida courts do not take child support issues lightly. Falling behind in court-ordered child support payments in Florida is considered contempt of court. Failure to pay court ordered child support could result in wages being garnished, levies on bank accounts or retirement accounts, property being attached and punishment may include a fine or imprisonment. It is best to seek legal counsel and representation by an attorney when child support enforcement action is required.

If you are a parent and have not received court ordered child support from your prior spouse or the child’s other parent, you should talk to a lawyer and begin the process of attempting to collect and seek the court’s involvement in child support enforcement of your rights, if necessary.

If you are the paying parent and have fallen behind on child support, do not expect it to go away a child support enforcement action could be looming in your future. Talk to us about the most constructive way to move forward based on the circumstances that are present in your case.

Filler Rodriguez LLP, has represented numerous clients involving child support enforcement or violations. Our family law attorneys provide you with the support necessary to ensure that your child support issues and/or violations will be taken seriously. At Filler Rodriguez LLP we will provide you with all of the information and tools that you will need to be completely informed of all your options and to resolve this matter quickly so that you can move on with your life.

Enforcement of custody or visitation rights

Failure to follow court ordered custody or visitation is a serious matter in Florida. Although it is unusual for an order for contempt to be issued on a showing of repeated or continuing default on or visitation orders, a family court judge can still make life difficult for the parent who routinely cancels visitation sessions or returns the child late to the other parent. In more serious situations, the aggrieved parent can move for an order of restricted or supervised visitation.

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