Divorce Attorney Miami

Divorce Attorney Miami

Miami Divorce Attorney and Family Law Attorney

Rushing through divorce to avoid conflict and stress can prove extremely costly. If you have relationships to protect or assets to preserve, please contact us, the divorce attorney Miami family law attorneys of Filler Rodriguez, LLP.

Whatever your current feelings toward your spouse, the prospect of divorce is intimidating. If you have children, you must protect their interests without sacrificing your own future. Fundamental changes to come may make it necessary to rethink your approach to finances, savings and investments.

Informed Counsel and Strong Advocacy to Keep You in Control

You may know someone who has emerged from a divorce bitter and dissatisfied. These people may wish they had fought harder for a favorable child custody and time sharing arrangement or more equitable property division. Filler Rodriguez Divorce Attorney Miami – is a trustworthy resource for men and women who want to avoid regrets and maintain control of their own futures.

Divorce Attorney MiamiOur experienced attorneys are sensitive to the full array of disputes that can arise in a divorce, including those unique to people with valuable, diverse assets and property to protect. For clients of high net worth, we are prepared to deal proactively with all property, business and tax issues — including securing accurate business valuations and helping you plan financially for life after divorce.

The vast majority of divorces are ultimately settled out of court, making the analytical and negotiating skills of your lawyer critical to the outcome. Our divorce lawyers in Miami – are adept at preparing for mediation, bringing innovative solutions to the table, and protecting your personal and financial interests at every turn. Should your case require a trial, you will have a wealth of South Florida courtroom experience on your side.

Proven Attorneys for Prenuptial and Post-Divorce Needs

We are also here for our clients before marriage or after divorce, applying our family law experience and financial savvy in pursuit of:

  • Prenuptial agreements that clarify property issues and guard against future disputes
  • Post-divorce modifications of child custody, support, alimony or other orders due to a substantial change in circumstances
  • Enforcement of existing family law orders
  • Recovery of victims of international child abduction

Whether your primary concerns involve child custody, maintaining your interest in a business or professional practice, or other serious matters, you can turn to our divorce attorney in Miami for assertive and caring representation. To request a divorce consultation, please contact Catherine Rodriguez today (305) 672-5007.

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