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Alimony in DivorceAlimony a in divorce is awarded if one spouse has the need for alimony and the other spouse has the ability to pay alimony in the divorce. In determining alimony in divorce, the court will first look at the length in of the marriage. A marriage up to 7 years is a short-term marriage, a marriage from 7 years to 17 years is a moderate term marriage and a marriage of 17 years or more is considered a long-term marriage.

Alimony may be awarded in any length of marriage. There are different categories of alimony in a divorce: bridge-the-gap; temporary; rehabilitative, durational, permanent and lump sum. Bridge-the-gap alimony is awarded in short term marriages and is designed to help a person who was somewhat dependent to get back on their feet as a single person.

Temporary alimony is awarded as in a marriage of any duration and is provided during the period from filing for divorce to the divorce being finalized. Temporary alimony in divorce cannot be waived by a prenuptial agreement. Rehabilitative alimony is alimony to pay for a specific plan for a career such as going to law school. Durational alimony in divorce is typically used in moderate term marriages. The maximum length of alimony for durational alimony in divorce is the length of the marriage. Permanent alimony in divorce is awarded to a dependent spouse in a long-term marriage and is paid monthly for the dependent spouse’s life or until that spouse remarries or is in a supportive relationship. Finally, lump sum alimony in divorce is what it sounds like – a large sum of money designed to be paid in a one amount.

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