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Fathers’ Rights, Paternity Lawyer Miami

Experienced Miami Paternity Lawyer, Fathers’ Rights Attorney

Whether you are a mother who wants to legally establish the paternity of your child or a man pursuing answers and your rights as a father, you can turn to us for dedicated paternity lawyer. Attorneys at our respected Miami law firm handle important family law matters with skill, sensitivity and discretion.

Establishing Paternity – Paternity Lawyer – Resolving Support and Fathers’ Rights Issues

We are well prepared to advise you on all aspects of Florida paternity law and guide you through legal processes associated with:

  • DNA testing to establish or disprove paternity
  • Actions to obtain child support from a child’s biological father – including enforcement actions if an order is established but the father fails to comply
  • Development of a time-sharing plan that allows both parents to exercise their parental rights
  • Any child custody dispute that may arise

Whatever your position in a paternity suit, the outcome can have major personal and financial implications.   You will need a paternity lawyer once paternity is established, a Florida court can enter a legally binding, enforceable child support order – and either parent may become entitled to seek an order for custody or visitation/parenting time.

Florida Fathers’ Rights Experience You Can Trust

Paternity Lawyer, Fathers’ Rights Attorney – Depending on hearsay about paternity laws, relying on inexperienced legal counsel, or delaying preparation of your case can be costly. At our firm, we take a personal, comprehensive approach to understanding your needs, your concerns and all the legal issues in your case.

From handling high-asset divorce cases to taking action for parents victimized by international child abduction, our firm is devoted to delivering quality legal representation.

Whatever circumstances are involved in your paternity case, we encourage you to contact our paternity attorney for counsel, support and to resolve any father’s rights issues.