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Parental RightsIn today’s global society, parental rights and responsibilities extend beyond national borders. While there is a body of international law which includes United States Statutes, the Hague Convention and a variety of country specific treaties (governing divorce, child custody and international child abduction), asserting and defending parental rights, requires an experienced international family law attorney. If you are attempting to prevent the removal of your child to a foreign country, or you are living abroad and seeking to assert or recover your custody rights regarding a child living in Florida, New York or another state, there are numerous laws in place to protect your interests.

At Filler Rodriguez, we represent clients in international child custody, abduction and visitation matters.

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In the United States, the court will award custody based on what it believes to be in the best interests of a child by considering the following factors: financial, employment, health and personal situation of each parent. If the court believes it is best to award custody to a non-citizen spouse, you can still retain visitation rights enforceable under U.S. law. If abduction is a concern, our attorneys can request that a child’s passport be held until custody is determined.

At Filler Rodriguez, we have represented numerous clients in matters involving international custody, child abduction and Hague Convention cases. Our firm represents parents and works with family law attorneys from other nations in matters involving parental rights.

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If you are a parent in the United States who is seeking child custody rights outside the U.S. or you are in a foreign jurisdiction wishing to assert your rights in the U.S., you need to act quickly. Any delay in asserting your rights effort can put you at legal disadvantage. We work with law enforcement, local courts, embassies and the State Department in cases involving international child custody or abduction matters. Whether you are facing an international divorce or fighting over your parental rights, we have the experience and resources to help you.

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