International Child Abduction attorney Miami

International Child Abduction

International Child Abduction Attorney Miami

International Child Abduction – Was Your Child Illegally Taken to the U.S.?

It is difficult to imagine a greater trauma than having your child taken away to another country against your will. Our Miami Family Law firm, led in this practice area by attorney Catherine M. Rodriguez, handles international child abduction cases and has helped several parents pursue all legal means to recover their children. To discuss possible approaches to your international child abduction legal challenge, please contact us.

A Focused Legal Team for Your International Child Abduction Case

With access to the substantial knowledge and resources of Miami Family Law firm Filler Rodriguez, LLP, Ms. Rodriguez handles international child abduction cases involving countries all over the world. Our efforts on your behalf in a parental kidnapping/ international child abduction case may include:

  • Analyzing the international laws and processes to be dealt with in your specific case
  • Pursuing your objectives in domestic and foreign jurisdictions
  • Finding strategic, ethical inroads to enable service of pickup orders in foreign nations
  • Negotiations with opposition attorneys

Defenses to International Child Abduction

There are defenses available to an international child abduction case. For example, if return presents a grave risk of physical or psychological harm, or it has been over a year since the child has been in South Florida or the other parent consented and has now changed their mind-these are defenses to a return of the child which Filler Rodriguez can assert on a client’s behalf defending return. However, assertion of these defenses involves the preparation of evidence and analysis of complex case law in order to overcome an order of return in an international child abduction case.

Thorough Assessment of Your Unique Circumstances

international child abductionWe are capable of assessing your international child abduction case, whatever your current marital status, your child custody status, or the destination country. Our experience includes cases involving European countries subject to the Hague Convention, as well as cases where abducted children were taken to South American countries such as Brazil.

Resourceful, Action-Oriented Pursuit of Your Rights

Do not give up hope. We are resourceful attorneys determined to help you pursue your parental rights and recover your peace of mind. To discuss your international child abduction case with a caring lawyer, please call or e-mail us today. We communicate fluently in Spanish as well as English.

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