Top 5 Questions to Ask When Getting a Divorce

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Getting a Divorce. When getting a divorce certainly you will have many questions. This article will discuss the top 5 questions to ask when getting a divorce. First QuestionWhat will happen with my children? Florida’s laws regarding parenting have an underlying principle that children should have a continuing relationship

Miami Community Newspaper

Miami Community Newspaper "Recharge Your Life" with Gio hosts, Family Law Attorney, Catherine Rodriguez to talk all about Divorce. January, the unofficial "Divorce Month" because it boils down to one idea: THE HOLIDAYS. People don't want to get divorced during the holidays, sometimes making it harder with family. What should

Alimony in Florida

Many potential clients have questions about alimony in Florida. The Florida law that governs alimony is Section 61.08,Florida Statutes. The formula for an award of alimony is one spouse’s need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. There are different forms of alimony in Florida. For example, there is bridge the gap alimony which is designed to...

Hiding Marital Assets in Divorce

Hiding Marital Assets in Divorce What do you do when you believe your spouse is hiding marital assets in divorce? There are a variety of ways a lawyer can help locate assets that are being hidden by a spouse in a divorce, In Florida all spouses getting a divorce must comply with “mandatory disclosures.” 

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