High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce Attorney Miami

Focused Defense of Your Financial Interests in Divorce

No matter your level of personal and financial success, sorting out all the key issues and legal considerations in your divorce can be overwhelming. In fact, if you have a leadership position or professional practice to maintain, your attorney’s financial knowledge and ability to deal with complex property issues may be especially critical. Certainly you can benefit from counsel accomplished in dealing with all types of property, business and tax issues or high net worth divorce.

Our respected Miami, Florida, law firm is well equipped to represent you in a high net worth divorce, including business interests and other complex assets. Experienced attorneys Catherine M. Rodriguez and David F. Filler are prepared to offer personal attention to every aspect of your case. To arrange a consultation today to discuss your high net worth divorce, please contact us today.

Essential Property Protection — Accurate Valuations — Finding Hidden Assets

We are dedicated to thorough preparation and favorable resolution of your high net worth divorce through negotiations, mediation, or trial if necessary. You can depend on our financially savvy legal team to:

  • Complete a full analysis of your assets and property holdings, including obtaining accurate valuations of real estate, business interests, pensions, retirement accounts and other investments
  • Provide experienced counsel and assertive representation on child custody (now referred to as timesharing), child support and alimony/spousal support issues
  • Understand and account for key historical considerations — as in situations where one spouse worked while the other completed his or her education
  • Perform research to reveal assets or transactions your divorcing spouse may be attempting to conceal

A Comprehensive Effort to Secure Your Future Well-Being

Not all lawyers offering divorce representation have the business and financial knowledge necessary to protect your interests in complex property such as partnerships, trusts, stocks and patents in short a high net worth divorce. At the Filler Rodriguez firm, you can count on our diligence and responsiveness to all your needs as we seek the most favorable outcomes for you and your children.

We know this is a pivotal time for you. To arrange an initial consultation focused on legal options and strategies for protecting your future, please contact us today.

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