Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos – Super Rich – What Happens When they Divorce?

jeff and mckenzie bezos divorce

While the super-rich like Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos divorces usually have prenuptial agreements, sometimes they don’t. The Bezos are Washington residents, so Florida law is not applicable to their divorce.

So, what happens in a Florida divorce when you have a super-rich couple and there is no prenuptial agreement?

The rule of thumb in Florida in a divorce is that assets and debts are divided 50/50 including the assets of the super-rich when they divorce. When you don’t have a prenuptial agreement in Florida the super-rich when they divorce will divide their wealth in two unless one or the other spouse can prove that they are entitled to an unequal distribution of the wealth.  Getting an unequal distribution of assets or liabilities in a divorce takes skill and preparation because it is not automatic.

Some of the factors that a judge will examine in a divorce in deciding how to divide the super-rich couple’s assets when they divorce is whether either of them wasted any money i.e. gambling or cheating. Other factors to consider for unequal distribution of assets in a divorce are the duration of the marriage, the interruption of one spouse’s career to assist the other spouse. Another way a judge would award one or the other of a super rich couple less or more of the assets when they divorce is if a wife or husband contributed toward the career of the other spouse or took care of the children while the other spouse was able to work and earn the money.

Another factor which could be interesting in the Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos super rich divorce is the contribution of each spouse to the acquisition or enhancement of income or assets. In addition, a court will look at any other assets the super-rich couple have when they divorce and see if non-marital assets are so large it would be unfair to divide the super-rich couple’s assets 50/50.

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’ divorce is unique because normally a divorce of the super-rich is governed by a prenuptial agreement and it is simply a contractual division. Not so in Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos divorce case which is not governed by Florida law but Washington law.

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