Rushing through divorce to avoid conflict and stress can prove extremely costly. If you have relationships to protect or assets to preserve, please contact Filler Rodriguez, LLP – Divorce Attorney in Miami

What to Do If you are Served with Divorce Papers

What to do if you are served with divorce papers? The first, thing you should do is you should know that you have 20 days to respond. Therefore, you should begin looking for a qualified divorce attorney as soon as possible. The divorce attorney should explain the process, your obligations and your spouse’s obligations during a consultation.

Catherine M. Rodriguez Wins Two Appeals

On October 19, 2022 Catherine M. Rodriguez, Esquire successfully won two different appellate cases in Lindo v. Lindo, Case No. 3D 22-0466 and Buttice v. Rainer, Case No. 3D22-2237. In the Lindo v. Lindo case Ms. Rodriguez successfully defended Judge Di Raimondo’s decision to proceed to trial even though the Wife in that case

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