We are capable of assessing your international child abduction case, whatever your current marital status, your child custody status, or the destination country.

Enforcement of the Hague Abduction Convention

International Visitor Leadership Program Panelist Enforcement of the Hague Abduction Convention A Project for Japan Filler Rodriguez-Hague Convention Attorneys I recently was asked to speak to a group of Japanese attorneys at the Global Ties International Visitor Leadership Program to share my experience with enforcement of the Hague Abduction Convention. At Filler Rodriguez, LLP we…

How Can You Compel Evidence to Be Produced in Foreign Countries in Cases of International Child Abduction?

Cases of International Child Abduction As a an attorney handling international child abduction, many times I need to obtain evidence to support my clients request for return or to defend against the return of the child because the child may face a grave risk of harm. A subpoena duces tecum is a document lawyers employ

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