One of the common areas of dispute in a divorce is whether one ex-spouse will pay the other spousal support – still called alimony – and, if so, how much and for how long.

Alimony Reform

Goodbye To Permanent Alimony. Alimony reform was passed last month and that means goodbye to permanent alimony. Catherine M. Rodriguez, of Filler Rodriguez LLP was on the Family Law Legislative Committee and involved with many of the legislative changes occurring in 2023. The most significant change is that the new alimony...

What is good fortune child support

What is good fortune child support? When representing wealthy individuals, the issue of good fortune child support comes up. However, good fortune child support is not what one would think from the name. In Florida there are child support guidelines and the formula for the child support guidelines is outlined within Section 61.30, Florida

Alimony in Florida

Many potential clients have questions about alimony in Florida. The Florida law that governs alimony is Section 61.08,Florida Statutes. The formula for an award of alimony is one spouse’s need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. There are different forms of alimony in Florida. For example, there is bridge the gap alimony which is designed to...

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