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In Florida if you are the unmarried mother of a child born out of wedlock then you are the legal guardian of the child.

Paternity and parental rights changed in 2023 – see new article

Paternity attorney Miami

The unmarried biological father has what are called “inchoate rights.” In other words, the unmarried father of a child has rights that he can assume if he takes responsibility for the child by paying for the child and participating in the upbringing of the child. In order to have equal rights to the unmarried Mother, a Father will need a legal declaration of his rights from the Court, either through a Paternity proceeding or if the Mother is in agreement by signing and filing an affidavit acknowledging those rights.

In Florida, if a child is born to a couple who are married the child is presumed to be the child of the husband and wife even if another man is the biological father of the child. A biological father has no right to bring a case to establish paternity if a child was born to a married couple. The only individuals who can bring a case of paternity would be the husband or wife to establish that a third party is the legal father.

We live in an international community. Many people are involved in relationships with individuals from many different countries. Prior to agreeing to allow your biological child to travel internationally, it is advisable to have all legal rights and connections to that child clearly delineated through a formal court proceeding.

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