Miami Divorce Attorney

Miami Divorce AttorneyMiami divorce attorney Catherine Rodriguez is confronted many times with the situation where two people have lived in two different places. When they are calling Miami divorce attorney Catherine Rodriguez they usually want their divorce to be in held in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Palm Beach. The question is how do you go about achieving that goal?

Different rules apply to how you obtain your choice of court to divorce when you have different states, countries and counties involved. However, the first step to ensure your choice is selected is to seek out a Miami divorce attorney as soon as possible.

In all cases, you must meet the minimum residency requirement of 6 months as a Florida resident. Many people who live between states, list Florida as their home state to obtain the homestead exemption. This is great evidence that Florida is the right state for the divorce. Also, if you have never lived together as a married couple in Florida that could pose a problem in obtaining property division and alimony in Florida but you can still get a divorce. You will need to provide your specific facts to a Miami divorce attorney to determine the best location for your divorce.

If you are a person who has lived in two different counties within Florida and want the divorce to be in the county of your choice then it is important to act fast. The county where the petition for divorce is filed and served is the county where the divorce should take place. It is called the “first filed first served rule” and Miami divorce attorneys are standing by to get you the county of your choice.

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