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Child Support and Time ShareChild support is determined by guidelines set by the Florida legislature in Section 61.30, Florida Statutes. Historically, the mother who stayed home with the children received the child support amount. That has changed through father’s rights attorneys . As father’s rights have evolved, fathers have received more time share with their children. Father’s rights child support attorneys have worked to ensure that fathers receive significant time with their children. As a result of spending significant time with their children, fathers spend more money on their children while they are with their children and thus spend less in child support to the other parent.

Father’s rights attorneys are also working on instituting changes in the law that would require a court to presume that 50/50 time share is in their children’s best interests. This can result in significantly less child support expenditures. This change also decreases the child support expenditures of those mothers who are the significant breadwinners in the family. Thus father’s right child support attorneys have worked to benefit both fathers and mothers who work hard to earn their money and also want to actively parent their children after a divorce.

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