Alimony Attorney Florida

Often I receive meet with potential clients and the first question they have if they are the breadwinner is “Am I going to have to pay in alimony?”  On the reverse side is the partner who did not work and their first question is “Am I entitled to alimony and how?” The answer always is the same to both “it depends.”   In order to be required to pay alimony the paying spouse must have the ability to pay and receiving spouse must demonstrate a need.

Alimony Attorney Florida

Presently in Florida the law recognizes the following types of alimony: bridge-the-gap (limited to 2 years assists a spouse with short term needs), rehabilitative (helps a spouse gain skills to join the work force), durational (provides economic assistance for a set period of time for a specific period of time) or permanent (for long term marriages 17 years or more).

If a court is a convinced that need and ability to pay have been established then the Court considers the follower factors to determine then in determining the type and amount of alimony the Court considers factors which include but are not limited to: 1)the standard of living established during the marriage; 2) the duration of the marriage; 3) the age and physical and emotional condition of each party; 4) the financial resources of each party; 5) services rendered during the marriage such as homemaking, child care, support given to the spouse with the income; 6) other factors that are relevant to do justice.

The Court can also consider the adultery of either spouse or the circumstance thereof when determining the amount of alimony.

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