Top 5 Things To Do If you Believe Your Spouse Is Divorce Planning

Divorce is on the horizon and now money is missing from your accounts, or you are not seeing those monthly statements come in the mail. What do you do?

Divorce Planning

1) Stay calm and do not confront your spouse. You need to get armed with the facts and if you confront your spouse that could lead to an acceleration of the diversion of assets.

2) Get the statements. It is imperative that you get the facts and are knowledgeable at least about where the money was in order to get a forensic analysis started.

3) Get the passwords. If you are the spouse that was not in control of the finances, you need the passwords. If you are the spouse who was in control of the passwords, and they have changed then you need to change them again.

4) Hire a Marital and Family Board Certified lawyer. These are lawyers that are specialists in the field of marital and family law and will know how to immediately spring into action to protect assets from being sent offshore. There are administrative orders in most Florida counties that prevent a spouse from hiding assets. The Board Certified lawyer will know how to utilize those orders to protect you. Also, Florida Statutes allow for ex parte (without notice) injunctions if there is evidence of a spouse attempting to remove assets from the jurisdiction of the court. However, the injunctions must be done effectively and quickly.

5) Hire a forensic accountant. Working with the Board Certified lawyer, a forensic accountant does the tracing of the money to claw back any money that has been diverted.

Catherine M. Rodriguez, Esq.It is important to act quickly and efficiently when you suspect your spouse is divorce planning by diverting marital assets. If you suspect your spouse is divorce planning call the lawyers at Filler Rodriguez LLP today at 305.672.5007 for a consultation.

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