The Florida Bar – Family Law Section – Webinar

The Florida Bar - Family Law Section Webinar

November 17, 2021
12:05 PM – 12:45 PM
Attorney’s Fees in Florida-Statutory or Contract Only including:
Statutory Enrollment
Case Law (Need v. Ability to Pay)
Contract Entitlement
Court’s Inherent Sanctions
Rosen v. Rosen and Progeny
Practice & Procedure
Catherine M. Rodriguez, Esq., Filler Rodriguez LLP, Miami
Jacqueline M. Valdespino, Esq., Valdespino & Associates, PA, Miami

12:45 PM – 12:55 PM
Hot Tips
Catherine M. Rodriguez
Jacqueline M. Valdespino

Learn how to obtain attorneys’ fees in a family law proceedings by complying with the statutory or contractual authority which justify fee awards and by proving need and ability to pay.  This course will cover the Rules of Professional Responsibility, available sanctions, and the case law that impacts attorney fees and cost claims.  Presenters will also share some “Hot Tips” to assist you in your everyday practice when seeking or defending against fee claims.