Retirement Accounts and Divorce

Retirement Accounts and Divorce

Retirement Accounts and Divorce Attorney Miami

Pensions, IRAs, 401(k)’s – Miami Family Law Attorney

Retirement accounts and divorce – how will this be handled? If you or your spouse accumulated retirement accounts and divorce is on the horizon then unless exceptions apply, Florida law requires a division of the assets which include retirement accounts. The retirement accounts and divorce required division of assets can include pensions, IRAs Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP’s) and 401(k) savings accounts. Other assets to value and divide may include stocks, bonds and deferred compensation.

At Filler Rodriguez, LLP, you can depend on receiving a seasoned lawyer’s dedicated attention to your unique situation and goals. Contact Senior Partners David Filler or Catherine Rodriguez, to meet with experienced lawyers in business and family law matters and to schedule a consultation regarding your Florida divorce or legal separation. Discuss how to protect your retirement accounts and divorce rights and move your divorce forward when pensions IRAs, Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP’s), 401(k) savings accounts, stocks, bonds, deferred compensation and other retirement benefits are part of a marital estate.

At Filler Rodriguez, we understand our clients’ need for their retirement accounts and divorce can make us feel like our long-term security is in jeopardy. Therefore, we ensure that you are getting the utmost attention and high level of care to ensure that assets such as pensions and other retirement benefits are preserved. Regardless of whether the retirement benefits in question stem from your or your spouse’s employment, it is essential that all such assets be fully disclosed and accounted for in the divorce (and/or divorce settlement agreement).

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