Parent wants to RelocateWhen One Parent wants to Relocate

Parent wants to Relocate – When parents divorce, sometimes one wants to move back home or to another state for a new job or for a new relationship. When clients come to see me with this set of facts, most of them think they should be free to move where they want, especially if they were the parent who was the primary care giver to the child or children.

If you are seeking to relocate or you are objecting to your children relocating, Filler Rodriguez, LLP can assist you.

However, in Florida the law requires one of the following to occur prior to allowing the child or children to move :

1) the left behind parent agrees in writing to the relocation with the child or children or 2) the Court issues an Order allowing the relocation to take place.  In either scenario, a detailed time-sharing plan must be prepared outlining the time-share that the left behind parent will have with the child or children.

If the non-moving parent objects, the parent seeking relocation must file a petition to relocate which must be under oath, describe the new residence with a detailed statement of the specific reasons for the proposed relocation and attaching the proposal for the new times-sharing with the child or children.

If you need to move to a distant city or another state and you want your child to relocate with you, Contact Catherine Rodriguez at (305) 672-5007 to consult with an experienced lawyer who can provide immediate attention to a parent who wants to relocate.

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