Divorce can be a New Beginning

People going through a divorce are people in crisis.  Divorce is the most stressful event a person can experience ranked only behind the death of a child or spouse.  Once a person or a couple goes down the divorce path, it is indisputable that they will experience a high degree of stress and this period of their life is marked as one of the darkest times.

Although it is hard to believe while going through a divorce, many people go through a transformation and experience new beginnings.  Opportunities also start to appear. For example, the wife who never had time to paint, begins to take painting lessons and meets new interesting people. The Husband who barely saw his children, now spends quality time with them during his timeshare, developing quality lasting relationships with them that he might never have had formed, had he remained married.

Approximately, one year after their divorce many people have new meaningful relationships, new interests and are genuinely content and satisfied with their lives. These people have something in common. They refused to let bitterness or hate get in the way of their new beginning.  When it comes to new beginnings after a divorce, Abraham Lincoln said it best, “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

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