On October 19, 2022 Catherine M. Rodriguez, Esquire successfully won two different appellate cases in Lindo v. Lindo, Case No. 3D 22-0466 and Buttice v. Rainer, Case No. 3D22-2237.

In the Lindo v. Lindo case Ms. Rodriguez successfully defended Judge Di Raimondo’s decision to proceed to trial even though the Wife in that case had not answered an amended counter petition for divorce. The Lindo court found that the technical requirement for a case to be at issue was not required. Also, in Lindo the wife attacked all of the trial court’s factual findings. In defending the final judgment Ms. Rodriguez successfully argued and outlined how the trial court had evidence to support all of her decisions.

The second successfully defended appeal that Ms. Rodriguez won on October 19, 2022 involved a former wife’s entitlement to proceeds from the sale of a condominium that was outlined within a marital settlement agreement. The former Husband in Buttice attempted to circumvent the requirements of the agreement, making technical legal arguments successfully countered by Ms. Rodriguez. The Third District Court of Appeal affirmed Judge Del Rey resulting in Ms. Rodriguez’ second successful appeal on October 19, 2022.

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