Timeshare attorney Miami

Timesharing AttorneyWhen you divorce and a child or children are involved, you will have to come up with a timeshare /custody plan. A timeshare / custody plan outlines the overnights that you and your spouse will have with your child or children when you divorce. In addition, the timeshare /custody plan will provide which holidays each parent will spend with the child or children.

At Filler Rodriguez, we work daily to help families develop timeshare /custody plans that suit their individual needs. Not every family has the same set of circumstances and therefore each families’ unique set of circumstances must be carefully evaluated to determine what the best timeshare /custody schedule will be for that family. Florida courts seek to allow the maximum amount of time with both parents and therefore many times 50/50 timeshare / custody is deemed the solution. However, if you and your former spouse are going to live more than one hour apart in different school districts, it is not practical or advisable to have a 50/50 timeshare /custody plan. Another example when 50/50 timeshare / custody is not appropriate is when a parent is abusing drugs or alcohol.

The parent’s interests are not the paramount consideration when creating a timeshare / custody schedule. The paramount interest is the best interest of the child. The court takes into account a variety of factors when they are deciding what timeshare /custody schedule will be put in place. It takes a skilled lawyer to cultivate the facts to highlight for the judge why a particular timeshare /custody plan should be put in place over another.

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