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Miami Child Custody/Time Sharing & Support Attorney

Divorce and Child Custody Lawyers in Miami

Any divorce can be difficult and stressful. Divorce with minor children brings many highly emotional issues and greater potential for dispute into the mix. We recognize the paramount importance of a parent's right to stay involved and close to children, providing influence and perspective as they grow, change and make important decisions.

We have helped many South Florida mothers and fathers obtain favorable custody, time sharing and support arrangements, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific goals and concerns.

Extensive Knowledge of Current Florida Law and Your Options

Our courts prioritize the best interests of children in virtually all family law matters. Reaching a child custody and time sharing (sometimes called "visitation") agreement that works for you requires recognizing this principle and preparing your case accordingly. A major rewrite of Florida laws in this area took effect in October 2008, making it even more essential for you to work with an attorney who understands all your current legal obligations and options.

Active, Responsive Attorneys for Advocacy on All Personal and Financial Issues

We work with many ambitious, busy parents who are devoted to their children. Preparing for life after divorce begins with forming expectations about custody and child support. We will:

  • Build the best possible case for the custody/time-sharing arrangement ideal for you and your children
  • Thoroughly explain Florida child support guidelines and estimate the monthly amount you will be ordered to pay or receive
  • Seek resolution of any dispute through direct negotiation or mediation, in the effort to limit the emotional impact on your children

Versatile Family Law Attorneys, Focused Intently on Your Needs

Our attorneys' experience also extends to:

Please contact our firm for counsel on the parenting and support issues that are vital for your future happiness. We will work closely with you as you make pivotal decisions about what to fight for, whether and how to compromise, and which paths toward dispute resolution are best for you. If a trial is ultimately necessary, you will benefit from the efforts of Catherine M. Rodriguez, a proven and forceful litigator.

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